Dr Mischief PhD cross-stitch sampler

I designed and stitched this sampler during my thesis writing breaks. The pattern of writing for 40 minutes, stitching for 8 minutes, making a fresh cup of coffee or peppermint tea, then starting again went on for months (and months and months and months). On the days where I felt zero thesis-progress was made, I … Continue reading Dr Mischief PhD cross-stitch sampler

Two Fine Art graduates receive extra ABF Fellowship funding

Emily Hett and Grace Stones were awarded the ABF Fellowships in 2019. The extra six months of funding will enable a return to the University, when it is safe to do so, and continue the studio work that has been interrupted by COVID-19. The Artists' Benevolent Fund (ABF) Fellowships are worth £10,000 and each Fellow also receives a … Continue reading Two Fine Art graduates receive extra ABF Fellowship funding

One hearty envelope

I knew this piece of paper was en-route. I didn’t anticipate this… Freckled Mischief presents: The Wizard of Oz: “An innovative and original approach with which to engage people in research topics.” Judges panel comment, Engage competition 2016, National Co-ordinating Centre for Public Engagement. To find out more about the Engage competition, and the phenomenal projects … Continue reading One hearty envelope

I didn’t know if I could, so I did #Kofi #crossstitch

Of all the ludicrous thesis side projects I’ve undertaken, this is possibly one of the most joyful. Originally conceived as a present for Dr Valentine, an inspirational and beautiful friend – I didn’t admit I had begun this project until I finished sewing the whiskers. When Mitzy first took Kofi-the-cat on, she was a tyrannical … Continue reading I didn’t know if I could, so I did #Kofi #crossstitch