Sneak preview The Wizard of Oz at #Feste15

The next live performances of The Wizard of Oz will be at Derby Feste on Saturday 26 September 2015… 1pm, Irongate & Saddlergate 2.30pm, Cornmarket 4.15pm, East Street & St Peters Street See you there for clowning, mischief and chaos! xx This Land is Your Land – commissioned soundtrack Original Lyrics by Woody Guthrie, 1940Continue reading “Sneak preview The Wizard of Oz at #Feste15”

Mischievous intent

“…and in that moment, the possibility of who and what you can be changes…” “…and in that moment, the impossible becomes possible…” Last Wednesday I was paying attention to Josh MacPhee and his Interference Archive colleagues – a seminar co-organised by PPRG (Politicized Practice Research Group) and the Anarchism Research Group at Loughborough University. It wouldContinue reading “Mischievous intent”

Where does the mischief come from? #2

Or, Polyshrink mischief: badges washed in on the tide. I’m delighted to reveal a mischief publication, and a project I’ve been cooking up since November last year. Urban Selkie is my new publishing venture (website coming soon). It will form, and inform my upcoming PhD research into mischief and the counter-public sphere. Meanwhile, it’s another MAContinue reading “Where does the mischief come from? #2”

Where does the mischief come from? #1

I’ve just finished writing a positioning statement about making mischief – it’ll be published by Urban Selkie Publications later this month in a book titled Shrinkles of Dissent. Whilst I was word wrestling, I remembered I’d written something same-but-different a few years ago. I skiffled through my archived projects and dug it out from theContinue reading “Where does the mischief come from? #1”

Strawberries, black pepper and determination

In March 2012 I decided to dream an impossible dream. The final chapter of the dream would be an email from the School of the Arts at Loughborough University. The email would tell me that I’d been awarded a studentship – and that I’d be paid to make mischief on their 3-year PhD programme. TheContinue reading “Strawberries, black pepper and determination”

Beautiful words in a petite package

DEparture Lounge was a superb event: a day of new connections, dynamic conversations and pivotal moments. During Sarah Brigham’s workshop, I was able to briefly step back from studying and into planning and shaping future mischief. To have the space to think, write and consider the mischief I make as pure artform and practice –Continue reading “Beautiful words in a petite package”


Some ideas arrive fully formed, others come with serious graft, late nights, sweat/tears and caffeine. Those which appear as blindingly obvious – unexpected revelations, usually materialise when I’m cleaning my teeth. I treasure the latter the most. There’s something special about that twilight part of the day – the time between being wide awake andContinue reading “Yes/No.”