Stitching Solidarity: open to new participants

Stitching Solidarity is an invitation to join an international creative community. Creating space for each other and ourselves. Exploring solidarity as a form of consistently showing up and sitting with strangers; counteracting the social, physical, and geographic isolations of living in the coronavirus era.

An invitation for you to take 40-minutes each day for five days as time to replenish, and to focus on an activity that brings you solace. This might be cross-stitch, embroidery, knitting, drawing, meditation, yoga, reading, creative writing… Or another activity that enables you to draw breath, reflect, and take time to consider your response to the issue/s at hand, rather than immediately reacting to them. Stitching Solidarity responds to the provocation ‘Let’s Reimagine Political Solidarity’, and the instruction to: propose how political and/or social solidarity can be collaboratively performed.

The sessions are regular, but your attendance does not need to be. 


Each 40-minute Stitching Solidarity Zoom session will have a non-verbal welcome and the first 30-minutes will be silent. In the last 10-minutes you can – as an option – introduce yourself and share the activity you have been working on either verbally or via the Zoom chat function. To reduce Zoom-fatigue you are welcome to direct your webcam towards the project you are working on, then to participate, share the microphone and be seen for the last 10-minutes.


drantoinetteburchill [at] for the dates, Zoom link and password.

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