Project endorsements

“City of Invention is about Derby starting to believe in the power of its own incredible story – the constant renewal of a living history of world changing ideas.”
Stuart Gillis, Transforming Derby Museums

“As a practical hardworking city, it has been Derby’s mission to benefit the world in a practical and inventive way for over 300 years. From being the birthplace of production manufacturing to our continuing development of transport and aviation, Derby is a world-class city. Our company has been part of this story for the whole of this time, and we are both proud and honoured to be represented as a player in the ongoing success of this City of Invention.”
Bob Betts  Managing Director, Smith of Derby Ltd.

“I saw the phrase ‘Derby: City of Invention’, and immediately thought of the railways and role Derby played when Britain led the world in railway technology.  To me, the Roundhouse is a great symbol of quality invention and innovation.  I was struck by the opportunity to celebrate that story and that’s what attracted me to the commission. I’m equally impressed at how the building has been given new life and hope that it continues to inspire a generation of inventive minds.”
Adrian Riley, artist

“I was delighted to be commissioned as I believe that it is only by experimenting and evaluating that true invention and creativity can occur. I enjoy the creative challenge and look forward to future projects that this may lead to.”
David Booth, University of Derby, BA Fine Art student

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