The COGmachine will be running at full throttle by 7pm on Friday 28 May 2010 at Bar One, 1 Newland St, Derby.  Clockwork men and women will dazzle and entertain you with their spoken and sung words and their sparkly cakes.

You will need to grease COGpalms with oily gold coins as the event is a fundraiser for Macmillan.  We raised nearly £600 last year for those needing Macmillan’s superb palliative care.

The technical specifications for confirmed acts are below.  The fine folk behind the Middle8 Festival have kindly agreed to advertise COGmachine on their website too.

COGmachine Logo by Vic Pozzitronic
COGmachine Logo by Vic Pozzitronic

COG GreaseMonkeys

Chief Engineer in charge of Announcements: Ed P-S. Ed has introduced a wide variety of acts and contraptions over the years, steam-powered and electric.  He is renowned for his ability to raise workers to a frenzy of excitement or lower them to a fog of concentration as required.

Dark Opps Manager:  George Harris. Also the Steam Astronaut to the Stars: Revolutions / Resolutions / Covert Operations / details.

The Dark Opps Glamorous Assistant: Mitzy Valentine

SoundWave Consultant: Mr Wangford is flying in from the Deep South to ensure your dual aural receptors are finely tuned to receive the optimum signal from every angle. Bring your protractor, but with his swift fingers on the dials and levers you will not need it.

The Chaos Spanner: Ms. Mischief will fuel inject V8 quality, salacious, quirky chaos and misachievement into the COGmachine throughout the evening.  You have been duly warned.

Stoking the furnaces and oiling the pistons: That shit kicker, guitar picker and low down dirty dog licker, Mr. Renegade Johnson.

The LineUp…


Thomas Truax
Thomas Truax

If you splice Tim Burton onto Terry Gilliam, then put them through the David Lynch machine, setting the dials and levers to ‘Extraordinary Musician’, you’ll end up with Thomas Truax.  He will be performing for us with his mechanical musicians.

The face that Boils Itself: Woodland folk musicians take to the saw and the double bass as the flood waters rise in the caves.

Neon Sky: Nottingham indie pop and rock band Neon Sky cross the great divide (well, the A52) to bestow upon you their catchy tunes and unique take on modern-day life

Jo Lewis {HH}: Grab your seat for the musical journey!  This versatile (and sometimes volatile) Northern songstress will steam through a selection of old and new material featured on her forthcoming album ‘Picture Show’.

Jo Lewis
Jo Lewis

Ephemetry {HH}

COG is supremely excited to present the first ever performance by…

The chaotic lives of the Super Normals: A heady comic-pop combination of Poppy Balzac, Renegade Johnson and Mitzy Valentine.

COGspoken words

Mark Gwynne Jones
Mark Gwynne Jones

Mark Gwynne Jones‘Mark Gwynne Jones is to poetry what The League of Gentlemen is to television scheduling.’ Martin Newell of The Independent

Mo Pickering

Simon Heywood: Storyteller, songwriter, folklorist, teacher, writer with special interests in myth, legend and little-known folktales from remote areas of England.  Which you would only tell to children if you never, ever wanted them to sleep again, or even know peace of mind for a moment.

Aimee Wilkinson {HH}:  Harbouring a long love affair with literature, Aimee’s fire is stoked with ribbons, beads and buttons, making words tumble off the production line and plunge into stories.

Emma Lannie {HH}

Catherine Rogers {HH}

Nathan Good {HH}

COGlive art

The Raffle of Shame:  Ms. Mischief will be raffling off your most shameful items to raise money for Macmillan.  Don’t panic, she’ll transform these dubious objects into artworks you’ll really want to take home with you.  Even if you don’t win a prize, you’ll still get a limited edition COGbutton badge.


DJ Tiger Harris at work
DJ Tiger Harris at work

DJ Tiger Harris: Slipping past the plains of techno gravy  Tiger will bring you slabs of vinyl of the rock n soul tapping variety.  Get your dancing shoes on and challenge your disco norms.

DJ DangerRoss: will play alternative dance nuggets to feed your dance engines.  He’ll tempt you with delicacies like Future Sound of London, The Crystal Method, Justice and the Dub Pistols. All this alongside rare DaftPunk tracks from the Chemical Brothers and Chas N Dave.


Danie's extraordinarily delicious cupcakes
Danie’s extraordinarily delicious cupcakes

Butcher’s Bakers: These cakes are hand-decorated, hand-perfected and hand-picked to be the cream of the crop and promise to change the lives of all who taste them… all made by a real, live american with far too much time on her hands and far too little oven space in her house.

COG’s JamJar of miscellaneous nuts and bolts

The Hello Hubmarine collective
The Hub Mariners

{HH} Writing and spoken word collective, Hello Hubmarine promotes and celebrates literature in all its different shapes, sizes and forms through workshops, quality publications and live events. We are involved in lots of different community projects around the East Midlands and warmly welcome any ideas on how to make the world a more literature-loving place!

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