1981 The first prank

I was 8 years old. Probably. It definitely began as an after-school baking session with my younger sister and Mum.  I do remember it was a hot sunny day, so it was probably during the summer term – June or July 1981.  My Dad’s birthday is July, so I’d put my money there.

After icing the first batch of cupcakes/fairy cakes, I would have been at a dangerous ‘loose end’.  Probably slightly hyper from sugar and the E-numbers contained within 1980’s cake decorating products.

I remember dashing upstairs and proudly descending with an ancient [nasty] yellow bath sponge.  I cut the sponge to fit into a leftover cupcake case.  I clearly remember thinking that I needed to make the icing extra thick to completely cover the yellow sponge.

I was old enough to know better.  I was old enough to know how to keep my audience with me.

I clearly remember telling my Dad I’d made him a special cupcake.

I clearly remember his Dad-ly suspicion and his Dad-ly acquiescence.

I clearly remember him biting into the impenetrable sponge centre.

I clearly remember my sense of Triumph.  It was a pivotal moment.

The First Prank. Remade in 2010.

Cupcake Ingredients
Cupcake Ingredients
Carving the cupcake
Carving the cupcake
Preparing to ice the cupcake
Preparing to ice the cupcake
The finished cupcake
The finished cupcake

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