Pivotal Moments for Mischief


Everybody has got them.  The point at which you know something magnificent has happened, and your life will never be quite the same again.


In 1981 I was 8.  I made a cupcake like this one for my Dad.  Except it wasn’t exactly a cupcake.  It was the beginning of  a mischievous career that 28 years later is still blossoming in curious and unexpected locations.

You can read the full story of The First MisAchievement here…

This turning point had all the key ingredients: an (edible) artwork/sculpture, an engaged and curious audience and a receptive participant.  It had mischief, intrigue, playfulness and a culinary/domestic setting.  This, like virtually all of the Ms. Mischief projects came to life on the kitchen table.


I started the second year of my degree in ’94.  I spent the following 10 months on the ‘Current Happenings’ project.  This series of bizarre, secretive and site specific works laid the foundations for the following 12 years of Mischief.


In 2007 the secretive and elusive world of  ‘Made by Mischief’ evolved into the Ms. Mischief character.  By creating a character, the whole body of Mischief work became energised, focussed and much more vibrant.  My personifying Mischief, I, as Ms. Mischief could go on adventures, day-trips and extend the scope and performance-y possibilities.  The biggest shift has been the relationship between the artwork and audience.  All of which has been incredibly exciting.


Ms. Mischief xx

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