Teasing insight #MarketTown #Mischief

Today is about planning my Market Town lecture – which is more a performance with mischief, than a standard PowerPoint lecture about my research. I’ve had confirmation that I can go hands-free with a headset microphone, rather than be trapped on a tiny stage with a static microphone. And later today I can collect myContinue reading “Teasing insight #MarketTown #Mischief”

On being paid to make mischief, and you’re invited too…

Of the emails you might wish to receive, this is just the best. Next Saturday evening I’ll be making mischief in and around Sudbury Hall – as part of The Lost Boys live interactive screening of The Innocents. The 1961 adaptation of the Henry James novel, and collaborative project between The Lost Boys, BFI, Derby QuadContinue reading “On being paid to make mischief, and you’re invited too…”

Satirical BACS payment. #MAexhibition

As part of my MA final project, I fundraised to take The Delegates and a film crew to London. We performed Bankers on Active Community Service in Dalston, east London and outside the Bank of England. You can watch our story here… This film, along with photographs (accompanying a kick-ass soundtrack), and the Shrinkles ofContinue reading “Satirical BACS payment. #MAexhibition”

Beautiful words in a petite package

DEparture Lounge was a superb event: a day of new connections, dynamic conversations and pivotal moments. During Sarah Brigham’s workshop, I was able to briefly step back from studying and into planning and shaping future mischief. To have the space to think, write and consider the mischief I make as pure artform and practice –Continue reading “Beautiful words in a petite package”

Falling into Narnia at Bedlam Fair

Last month, I performed with The Delegates at Bedlam Fair, part of the Bath Fringe Festival. Not only did we meet a whole host of people who delighted in making our Bob-a-Job Bankers truly repent for their dodgy deals, Libor-fixing and off-shore accounting. But we were also selected for a performance peer review as part of theContinue reading “Falling into Narnia at Bedlam Fair”

entering the Sonic Asylum

This is a gig I’m doing with BET4 Motion.  The gigs are always really exciting – all the performers are improvising, interacting and collaborating on the hoof.  You never quite know what will happen next. “The ‘Synaesthesia’ project explores the creative wiring between visual art, contemporary dance, improvised sound, and performance art.” Walt Shaw We workedContinue reading “entering the Sonic Asylum”