The Politics of Play and Participation

If you are interested in socially engaged art practice, historical or contemporary perspectives on participation... then join us for this day of playfully politicized practices. The programme balances academic research and current art practices, the line up is an exciting mix. There will be roundtable discussions in the afternoon. I'll be facilitating one on conflict … Continue reading The Politics of Play and Participation


Teasing insight #MarketTown #Mischief

Today is about planning my Market Town lecture - which is more a performance with mischief, than a standard PowerPoint lecture about my research. I've had confirmation that I can go hands-free with a headset microphone, rather than be trapped on a tiny stage with a static microphone. And later today I can collect my … Continue reading Teasing insight #MarketTown #Mischief

On being paid to make mischief, and you’re invited too…

Of the emails you might wish to receive, this is just the best. Next Saturday evening I'll be making mischief in and around Sudbury Hall - as part of The Lost Boys¬†live interactive screening of The Innocents. The 1961 adaptation of the Henry James novel, and collaborative project between The Lost Boys, BFI, Derby Quad … Continue reading On being paid to make mischief, and you’re invited too…