‘Let’s reimagine political solidarity’ (2019). #PortfolioUpdate

‘Let’s reimagine political solidarity’ is a chapter within the ‘Re-Imagining Citizenship Activity Book’ pp.13-15. The publication was exhibited in the Re-Imagining Citizenship group exhibitions in Loughborough (2019), and at Palazzo Mora at the European Cultural Centre, Venice Biennale (2019).

The research project questioned: ‘What is at stake in re-imagining new forms of citizenship and modes of civic participation? How can the notion of citizenship – in our trans/post-national society – be reconfigured without subjection? How can it help us to transform our practices, behaviours and environments? 

Re-imagining Citizenship Activity Book display booth.

The exhibition [Re-Re-Imagining Citizenship 2019] collected together a range of audio-visual and text-based responses with contributions by students, researchers and artists from across and beyond the University. The display booth was designed and manufactured by Assunta Ruocco and Zak Jones.

Re-Imagining Citizenship is a collaborative project initiated by the Politicised Practice/Anarchism/Theatre Activism Research Groups at Loughborough University. The project is supported by the Institute of Advanced Studies and the Enterprise Projects Group.’