The Wizard of Oz (2015). Backstage in London #PortfolioUpdate

In sorting through images to update my portfolio I was able to re-live the guerrilla performances without the impending doom of having to organise all my ideas into the PhD thesis. These behind the scenes photos capture the fun and exhaustion and the end-of-filming celebration.

I commissioned Kev Ryan to be the official photographer. He was, as always cheerful, indomitable, and endlessly patient with me, us, and the processes of filming. His incredible photos capture the spirit of the performance – and, as important – of the research. He took hundreds of pictures and gave me a wealth of images to choose from in connecting the performance to my research questions and argumentation.

Kev passed away on 22 April 2020, his obituary is in the Guardian. To say he is much missed by all who knew him is an understatement. As a tribute, here are some of the images where I managed to get him in front of the camera.

Before and After Filming Oz in London

This is when, mid-morning, I realised I had viable data stored on Owen’s video camera.
Celebrating with Kev Ryan and the cast and crew.