Call out for artists – exhibition opportunity, Royal Derby Hospital (deadline: 7-5-2012)

The Autumn/Winter 2012 visual arts season at the Royal Derby Hospital is being guest-curated with Antoinette Burchill on the theme Using Light. There will be approximately 12 artists selected for exhibition spaces across the Royal Derby Hospital. Artists are welcome to broadly interpret the theme. This could be though a range of medium including (but not exclusively)Continue reading “Call out for artists – exhibition opportunity, Royal Derby Hospital (deadline: 7-5-2012)”

A pair of Jokers. Card Deal exhibition.

The Joker A modern deck of cards contains 52 playing cards and 2 Jokers.  The Jokers are picture cards that refuse allegiance to a specific team or suit.  They are the wild cards – the unpredictable, mischievous tricksters of the pack.  The Jokers can work for – or against – you to win or loseContinue reading “A pair of Jokers. Card Deal exhibition.”

A small confession

Yesterday’s post about The Joker was part of an exhibition proposal I submitted.  The more I worked through the ideas, the more they tallied with the notion of the Fool – a character I’ve been thinking about for years, and someone who pops in almost every MisAchievement project. The grand news is that I’ve beenContinue reading “A small confession”

Advocacy, not Mischief

air: arts to aid wellbeing “air is the arts program for Derby Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.  Our vision is to create a unique patient and family friendly environment at Derby Hospitals.  Aiming to support the healing process with high quality art.  Helping to create a place in which patients, visitors and staff can engage positively.”Continue reading “Advocacy, not Mischief”