One hearty envelope

I knew this piece of paper was en-route. I didn’t anticipate this… Freckled Mischief presents: The Wizard of Oz: “An innovative and original approach with which to engage people in research topics.” Judges panel comment, Engage competition 2016, National Co-ordinating Centre for Public Engagement. To find out more about the Engage competition, and the phenomenal projectsContinue reading “One hearty envelope”

Satirical BACS payment. #MAexhibition

As part of my MA final project, I fundraised to take The Delegates and a film crew to London. We performed Bankers on Active Community Service in Dalston, east London and outside the Bank of England. You can watch our story here… This film, along with photographs (accompanying a kick-ass soundtrack), and the Shrinkles ofContinue reading “Satirical BACS payment. #MAexhibition”

Falling into Narnia at Bedlam Fair

Last month, I performed with The Delegates at Bedlam Fair, part of the Bath Fringe Festival. Not only did we meet a whole host of people who delighted in making our Bob-a-Job Bankers truly repent for their dodgy deals, Libor-fixing and off-shore accounting. But we were also selected for a performance peer review as part of theContinue reading “Falling into Narnia at Bedlam Fair”

Bob-a-Job Bankers dance the Charleston

I spent yesterday rehearsing with the 60% of The Delegates who were not snowed in. With rehearsal space supported by Déda Derby, we had a dance lesson and choreography session with Andrea Haley, and began work on Bob-a-Job Bankers – our new Delegates street theatre show for 2013. Here’s a video teaser…

Circuit Training. A new act from The Delegates.

The Delegates began developing their new street theatre show Circuit Training in early May 2012. Due to torrential rain, rehearsals mostly took place in a community centre, rather than on the street. Here’s a taste of what you can experience in their new street show, Circuit Training will premiere at Widcombe Rising, Bath, 17 June 2012.Continue reading “Circuit Training. A new act from The Delegates.”