Where does the mischief come from? #2

Or,¬†Polyshrink mischief: badges washed in on the tide. I’m delighted to reveal a mischief publication, and a project I’ve been cooking up since November last year. Urban Selkie is my new publishing venture (website coming soon). It will form, and inform my upcoming PhD research into mischief and the counter-public sphere. Meanwhile, it’s another MAContinue reading “Where does the mischief come from? #2”

Publishing the Brain

Yup, proof…. that gazing out of the window uses very little brain power! In preparation for our next EPSRC Public Communications: Art, Technology and the Public Sphere workshop, Dr Darren Southee & I tested out the kit, processes and activities we’ll be taking the rest of the group through. We also made a brutally rough,Continue reading “Publishing the Brain”