Playing cards #1 The Joker

‘The Joker’ A modern deck of cards contains 52 playing cards and 2 Jokers.  The Jokers are picture cards that refuse allegiance to a specific team or suit.  They are the wild cards – the unpredictable, mischievous tricksters of the pack.  The Jokers can work for – or against – you to win or loseContinue reading “Playing cards #1 The Joker”

Pivotal Moments for Mischief

Everybody has got them.  The point at which you know something magnificent has happened, and your life will never be quite the same again. 1981 In 1981 I was 8.  I made a cupcake like this one for my Dad.  Except it wasn’t exactly a cupcake.  It was the beginning of  a mischievous career thatContinue reading “Pivotal Moments for Mischief”

The penultimate chapter: COGmachine

Every major project needs an ending.  This is it.  Together we raised a whopping £422.11 for Macmillan Cancer Support in about 4.5 hours on 28-5-2010. The COGgrease monkeys also donated £100 to grease the event cogs, pistons and behind-the-scenes wheels. It wouldn’t have been such a success without them. They deserve a proper blog-call ofContinue reading “The penultimate chapter: COGmachine”

The day of COGmachine has dawned…

…and I can’t quite believe it.  I’ve been living COGmachine for 5 months – in an eating, sleeping and dreaming capacity.  I feel exhausted , excited but slightly bereft.  COG has been  a major part of my life for so long, I can’t entirely imagine what it will be like to go back to ‘normal’.Continue reading “The day of COGmachine has dawned…”

The Raffle of Shame

Have you ever been to a community/charity event and felt obliged to purchase a raffle ticket?  Whilst fervently wishing your number/s are not called because all the prizes have clearly been dredged up from the bottom of a fetid, stagnant mill-pond? If you are unlucky enough to win a ‘prize’, you find yourself slouching acrossContinue reading “The Raffle of Shame”