Dr Mischief PhD cross-stitch sampler

I designed and stitched this sampler during my thesis writing breaks. The pattern of writing for 40 minutes, stitching for 8 minutes, making a fresh cup of coffee or peppermint tea, then starting again went on for months (and months and months and months). On the days where I felt zero thesis-progress was made, IContinue reading “Dr Mischief PhD cross-stitch sampler”

I didn’t know if I could, so I did #Kofi #crossstitch

Of all the ludicrous thesis side projects I’ve undertaken, this is possibly one of the most joyful. Originally conceived as a present for Dr Valentine, an inspirational and beautiful friend – I didn’t admit I had begun this project until I finished sewing the whiskers. When Mitzy first took Kofi-the-cat on, she was a tyrannicalContinue reading “I didn’t know if I could, so I did #Kofi #crossstitch”

Introducing my clown (I think)

Up until May 2015 the following statement was true. I trained in fine art and I usually know how an image, or project will turn out. I may not be able to (or want to) visualise every detail in advance, but I do usually have a ballpark idea. If the aesthetics are up in theContinue reading “Introducing my clown (I think)”

The Art of #Swearing (#sass, #snark, cross-stitch)

Stitching Snark: The Art of Swearing Slowly Commissions welcome Are you fed up of saccharine bon mots, and bland homilies like Live Laugh Love? If, like me, you don’t want to be pacified by Keep Calm and Carry On and would actually prefer to state the (fucking) obvious. Indeed, if you tell me to Keep Calm, IContinue reading “The Art of #Swearing (#sass, #snark, cross-stitch)”

Sarcastic cross-stitch

This began as a conversation with Rachel, an old friend, confidante, and fellow mischief-maker. She was speaking about someone specific, who was making her life more awkward than necessary. Context here is everything.  The edited conversation went something like this… Me: Ooooh, I could make that for you. [Pause] in cross-stitch. Rach: [Looks blank, andContinue reading “Sarcastic cross-stitch”

2016 The year of the Thesis #phd #research

Now that I’ve condensed (what will end up as) 40,000 words into a 2.5m x 1m diagram and a 3,500 structure document, I’m strangely excited. Excited about sinking my teeth into the actual thesis. Excited about writing. Excited about finishing. Excited about what I might make happen next. Excited about the three micro-projects that areContinue reading “2016 The year of the Thesis #phd #research”

Sneak preview The Wizard of Oz at #Feste15

The next live performances of The Wizard of Oz will be at Derby Feste on Saturday 26 September 2015… 1pm, Irongate & Saddlergate 2.30pm, Cornmarket 4.15pm, East Street & St Peters Street See you there for clowning, mischief and chaos! xx This Land is Your Land – commissioned soundtrack Original Lyrics by Woody Guthrie, 1940Continue reading “Sneak preview The Wizard of Oz at #Feste15”

Strawberries, black pepper and determination

In March 2012 I decided to dream an impossible dream. The final chapter of the dream would be an email from the School of the Arts at Loughborough University. The email would tell me that I’d been awarded a studentship – and that I’d be paid to make mischief on their 3-year PhD programme. TheContinue reading “Strawberries, black pepper and determination”

Beautiful words in a petite package

DEparture Lounge was a superb event: a day of new connections, dynamic conversations and pivotal moments. During Sarah Brigham’s workshop, I was able to briefly step back from studying and into planning and shaping future mischief. To have the space to think, write and consider the mischief I make as pure artform and practice –Continue reading “Beautiful words in a petite package”

Circuit Training, Widcombe Rising. June 2012

P1070949 Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Pinterest Share on Google Share on Linkedin Share by email MisAchievement Sat, Jun 16 2012 17:00:00 0 likes  ·  0 comments P1070933 Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Pinterest Share on Google Share on Linkedin Share by email MisAchievement Sat, Jun 16 2012 17:00:00Continue reading “Circuit Training, Widcombe Rising. June 2012”