Making Mischief in Public

Or, making time for a new performance. Whilst my pitch is outlined below, I’m still in the planning stage… but expect a little mischief, maybe a modicum of participation, and probably some enticements for both.

I’ve been asked by Radar, the contemporary arts strand of LU Arts at Loughborough University to give a lecture in Loughborough’s market place on Thursday, 28 April 2016 at 11:00am. This is a really exciting opportunity to present my research in another unconventional setting, and to explore how I integrate public engagement into my research practice.

Here’s how Radar talks about the project…

Market Lectures

“Market Lectures, part of the year-long Radar project Market Town, is a new commission by design collective Something & Son involving Loughborough market vendors and University lecturers trading places.

Market StallSomething & Son have devised a project that playfully explores the relationships between Loughborough’s market and the University. Over three days in April a number of unique events will take place, the regular day-to-day activity of these two institutions will be, temporarily, disrupted. A symbolic structure, designed with the capacity to function as both market stall and small lecture theatre will be the centrepiece of the events taking place at the University campus and town centre marketplace. The structure, fabricated by a local specialist, will be used as a place for the trade of goods as well as knowledge.

University Market 
Wednesday 27 April, 9-4pm
Loughborough University hosts independent market traders for a special, first of its kind, market on campus. Join us for refreshments at the official opening by Vice Chancellor Robert Allison, together with Mayor John Capleton – 9.30am.

Loughborough Market Lectures 
Thursday 28 and Friday 29 April, 9-4pm
Loughborough town market hosts a series of University lectures, taking place on and around the Market Lectures stall, coinciding with the town’s market days.”

All lectures are free, but you need to book your ticket.

To find out more about the Market Lectures Programme


Market Town Lecture pitch

“Antoinette has performed at street arts festivals across the UK. From Derby Festé, to Bath’s Bedlam Fair, to Kendal Mintfest, to a Banquet Tour of Cumbria. There is a delight in performing to a street audience who is expectant – waiting around for you to do something interesting. But Antoinette’s finds there is more mischief to be made by guerrilla street performances. By seeking out, and then surprising an unsuspecting audience. In her lecture Antoinette will talk about how she developed The Wizard of Oz as a walkabout street performance, and the tactics she uses to create a theatre on the street where none really exists.”

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