Mischievous intent

“…and in that moment, the possibility of who and what you can be changes…”

“…and in that moment, the impossible becomes possible…”

Last Wednesday I was paying attention to Josh MacPhee and his Interference Archive colleagues – a seminar co-organised by PPRG (Politicized Practice Research Group) and the Anarchism Research Group at Loughborough University.

It would be fair to attribute the quotes above to Josh. But as I was scribbling and listening as the conversation in the room shifted and turned, a large part of my brain connected what I was hearing to my research and practice. Life within the Mischief Solar System has been fast-forward-evolving and I’m crafting my biggest project to date.

A major piece of my dream-team jigsaw slotted into place yesterday, and I’m looking to launch the project in early 2015. Next year will be amazing, clown- tastic.

Mischief xx

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