Some ideas arrive fully formed, others come with serious graft, late nights, sweat/tears and caffeine. Those which appear as blindingly obvious – unexpected revelations, usually materialise when I’m cleaning my teeth. I treasure the latter the most. There’s something special about that twilight part of the day – the time between being wide awake and bouncing about, and when you know you’re done for the day, (and maybe done in) and you’re sleepily not thinking about anything at all.

That’s when this badge-image popped into my head. I made it real using permanent ink pens, white Shrinkle paper, my really mucky oven, glue gun and a broach pin. Its full title is Yes/No I don’t want a 40th birthday party. Ostensibly, I made three of these badges for good friends who share the sentiment. But I’d also been monkey-wresting with a project that’s now called Shrinkles of Dissent – my facepalm moment was to change the tense and use a speech bubble shape and apply it to my Scouts/Bankers idea.

Finally, I can get on with making the Shrinkles of Dissent – a series of badges, a series of performances and an Urban Selkie publication.

You never know, I may even clean my oven so I can watch the Shrinkles shrinking properly – rather than squinting through the dirt-gloom. But that may be one miracle beyond actual existing [democracy] umm, reality.

Mischief. x

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