Eyebrow Dancing with #TheDelegates, just for fun…

The Delegates new show Bob-a-Job Bankers was warmly received by the feisty folk in Bath this weekend. We decided to take our ideas and new characters and test them out directly on the pavement – our ideas needed to live or become tarmac road kill. Instead of just living, our repenting bankers became characters who thrived – engaging, challenging, playing, dancing, confounding and, quite literally cleaned up the streets of Bath. We had a go at cleaning up the Banks by ironing a couple of cashpoints, feather dusting signage and  polishing the night safe. Our parole officer wouldn’t let us near Libor or the real money.

Performance photos and film clips by the brilliant Ella Woodcock will follow shortly.

Thank you David Cameron for giving us the Magic Money Tree gag – we had a great deal of fun at your expense.
[PS. You could call Quantitative Easing magic money, could you not?!] magic money tree

After such an exhilarating day, we wound down in The Bell, a gorgeous pub with superb beer and a DJ with eclectic taste. Exhausted but still hyper on performance adrenaline, we began Eyebrow Dancing…

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