Academic Matchmaking

As a freelancer I’m both skilled and passionate about bringing people together and making exciting, pioneering projects happen.

This week will see the blossoming of Open Research: Academic Matchmaking. A project I’ve been working on as project manager since last November.

Initiated by the brilliant Mel Jordan and funded by Loughborough University and the EPSRC, this event will bring together researchers and academics from Art, Design, Social Sciences, Geochemistry, Engineering, Mathematics, Optical Instrumentation, Research Development and Enterprise – all of whom wish to develop their interdisciplinary networks.

We’re thrilled that Christie Walker, Strategy and Development Manager for the AHRC will be our very special guest.

…and we have badges – speech act slogans to foreground the participation we’re seeking from the matchmaking process.

Phase 2

This event, with 36 5-minute-mini-meetings before lunch will be dynamic, lively and conversation-rich. But I’m really excited about getting my teeth into phases 2 and 3.

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