#TheDelegates will perform at #DerbyFeste 22 September.

The Delegates have polished the Tiddlywinks, scrubbed protective goggles and dusted off their dancing shoes.

Paper Scissors Stone

Paper Scissors Stone

We are officially ready to play ‘Yesterday’s Games Tomorrow’ in Circuit Training, a street theatre show in 3 acts.

We’ll be constructing a couple of stadiums on Exchange Street in Derby (DE1 2DU – see map below), near the Co-op and the stone ram, and performing at:

  • 12.15pm
  • 2pm
  • 3.30pm

We’d love you to join us and take part if you fancy!

We tested out Circuit Training on the fine folks of Widcombe, Bath. You can see what they made of us here, and see some live action rehearsal footage here.

To find out more about Derby Feste, visit their website.

The Delegates would like to thank Walk the Plank, DedaDerby Live & Derby Quad.

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