Circuit Training. A new act from The Delegates.

  1. The Delegates began developing their new street theatre show Circuit Training in early May 2012. Due to torrential rain, rehearsals mostly took place in a community centre, rather than on the street.

    Here’s a taste of what you can experience in their new street show, Circuit Training will premiere at Widcombe Rising, Bath, 17 June 2012.

  2. Rehearsal: Digital Hula-Hooping
    Sat, May 05 2012 13:02:47
  3. Rehearsal: Competitive Scissors Paper Stone
    Sat, May 05 2012 13:02:47
  4. The show

    The street theatre show comprises of 3 acts of approximately
    40 minutes duration. The grey suited Delegates traverse the festival or event site,
    pausing to perform comic sporting interventions and facilitating participatory
    activities. The 6 Circuit Training events include competitive Scissors,
    Paper, Stone; Pavement Darts; Tiddly-winks and Anxious Irish Dancing.

  5. Rehearsal: Anxious Irish dancing
    Sat, May 05 2012 08:17:39
  6. We’re taking bookings for festivals & events, if you’re interested please email


  7. The Delegates are: Dr Burchwhip (Antoinette Burchill), Dr Stevens (Stephen Jon Cooper) & Professor McCluskey (Sarah McCluskey).

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