The joys of public transport? A survey… (please take part!)

For my first publics project on my MA, I’m researching how people behave whilst waiting for public transport.  This might sound dry, but, along with the empirical research (I hope you’ll contribute to) my other key ingredients will include:

  • a significant dollop of mischief
  • some Fooling around
  • and a story, or three.
The first step is to coax and cajole as many people who find themselves waiting for trams, tubes, trains, planes and/or busses to complete my quick SurveyMonkey questionnaire.

I’ll be working on this event through to January 2012, and there’ll be project updates and such like along the way.

However, I’ve got an assessment next Tuesday (8-11-11), so please climb aboard my shiny new bus and help yourself to a complimentary tea/coffee/glass of wine.

Thank you.
Ms Mischief. x

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