Full moon over Kendal

I had the most exhilarating time at the 10 day Mintfest International Summer School for Street Arts (MISSSA).  The culmination of performing a new piece of street theatre at Mintfest was just phenomenal.  By then, Kendal felt like Home, and my summer school colleagues, pretty much like family.  The 9 x 14-hour days gave me a full-tank immersive experience, an escape, and a new landscape to play in, explore and poke about in to see where the boundaries might lay.  I’ve come away with such riches, a new collaborative piece of work [The Delegates], my first proper performance experience and my first piece of street theatre.

I’ve now got an appetite, as I suspected, to devise, make and perform new work on the street, for the street.  Plans are afoot for new work to emerge from the 7 Derby-based MISSSA students.  I’ll keep you posted as they evolve.

These images bookended my minty summer experience

It was consistently sunny (and consistently either drizzly rain/Torrential Rain), and the air had the first hint of autumn, crisp and sharp, but sweetened and softened by the warmth of a lilting sun.  Kendal was so beautiful, and so well dressed to welcome the festival audience, there felt to be an air of expectation, of hope.  But maybe that’s what I brought with me.  It was a short, but lovely walk from the apartment to the Town Hall where we had vocal warm-ups, physical warm-ups, workshops, seminars, talks and 2 very heartily delicious meals.

Kendal Town Hall

Kendal Town Hall

Each time I walked down the nocturnal hight street, I would look up and see a full moon.  Then I would walk a little further and realise, yet again, I was looking at the Town Hall clock.  Walking back from the post-festival/post MISSSA party at Dickie Doodles* (nope, that’s the real name) I caught my own moon over Kendal.

full moon over Mintfest

full moon over Mintfest

*Professor McCluskey [of The Delegates] and I conjured up a new MisAchievement character at this party, but she deserves her own blog post.

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