Artist statement #updated

It’s always good to stop once in a while and review what you Actually Do.


This is MisAchievement.  This is Me/I am Her.


This is what I’m fascinated by, curious about.  This is what drives me…


I am a visual artist, writer and performer utilising alternative identities.  I explore the idea of MisAchievement: achievement acquired by mischievous means.  The artworks and events I create are playful, edgy and provocative and are underpinned by a sense of adventure.

Ms Mischief first appeared as a character in 2005.  Creating a distinct personality gave my work an identity and presence.  It clarified the relationship between the work and its participants/audience members.

The MisAchievement body of work playfully explores and examines English identity and culture.  It investigates how ancient Pagan customs and festivals have a contemporary and social resonance and value.  By taking on, and developing the character of Ms Mischief, I can speak plainly and engagingly about current issues, often in a public realm context.  I can directly invite and engage audiences and participants into the work by using theatrical, edible, feminine and fantastical devices.

Ms Mischief and the MisAchievement body of work is informed and culturally contextualised by the English Lord of Misrule (a tradition outlawed by Queen Mary in 1555), the Roman Prince of Saturnalia (217BC) and the archetype of The Fool.

The Fool is key to grounding and contextualising my MisAchievement practice.  The Fool is a playful character contextualised by social, cultural, political, historical and environmental factors. Often a public figure, the Fool’s relationship to audience members is critical – whether the message is heard or missed, it is still communicated.

The work I make is site, time, issue or event specific. It takes the form of interventions, installation, art multiples and works within a series.  The relationship between image/object and text is paramount.

My curatorial practice is an extension of my personal practice. It is rooted in visual art – but extends and encompasses writing and interdisciplinary practices. The work’s relationship with its audience is a central concern. This spectrum ranges from distracting and engaging the passive passer-by to provocative, immersive and experiential audience engagement. I explore traditional, venue-based projects/events as well as the temporal and transitory.


This is another of my Pivotal Moments.  Thanks for joining me.


Ms Mischief x

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