Playing cards #1 The Joker

‘The Joker’

A modern deck of cards contains 52 playing cards and 2 Jokers.  The Jokers are picture cards that refuse allegiance to a specific team or suit.  They are the wild cards – the unpredictable, mischievous tricksters of the pack.  The Jokers can work for – or against – you to win or lose the game.  Depending on the game, and your position in it, they can take on a variety of roles.

In life, as in sports and card games, you’ve got to know the rules.  You’ve got to know how to play the game to your advantage. Don’t be fooled by the Joker: just like the comedy Team Mascot, he [or it] can amuse and distract you from the game.  When the Joker appears in your hand, you’ve got to know your options.  You’ve got to know when to feint, when to advance, when to strategise, and when to patiently wait for your opponents to give you an opening to beat them to the finish line.

The Joker teaches us to act in an alert and timely manner. A lesson that is equally applicable to life, relationships and the playing of Games.

Which playing card are you?

Ms. Mischief x

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