Drawing, not mischief

The October Synaesthesia gig was a fantastic, exhilarating, joyful and challenging experience.  I should have pulled all the images together ages ago.  Anyway, here they are.

The BET4 Motion ‘Synaesthesia’ project explores the creative wiring between visual art, contemporary dance, improvised sound, and performance art.  Ten performers worked together for the Derby Big Draw gig.  The performance lasted 60 minutes took place in an empty shop in Derby city centre.  I worked closely with Joanna to safari through the shop and spill out onto Derby’s high street.

Visual artists: Antoinette Burchill, Kevin Burnley and Paula Whirrity.

Dance: Joanna Geldard.

Sound: Walt Shaw – percussion and objects, Mark Miller – trombone, Alan Jenkins – bass clarinet and saxes,  Jonny Marks – voice, Bruce Coates – saxophones, Alison Kamsika – clarinet and melodeon.

Big thanks to Dan Flinders, Clive Wheeler and Steve Tribe for still and moving image documentation.

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