The penultimate chapter: COGmachine

This picture made me extremely happy.

Thomas Truax & Ms. Mischief. Photo by Dave Culleton

Every major project needs an ending.  This is it.  Together we raised a whopping £422.11 for Macmillan Cancer Support in about 4.5 hours on 28-5-2010.

The COGgrease monkeys also donated £100 to grease the event cogs, pistons and behind-the-scenes wheels.

It wouldn’t have been such a success without them.

They deserve a proper blog-call of greatness, humour, tactfulness, energy, commitment and general magical mischief-making.

This is it:

Edward PS
George Harris
Mitzy Valentine
Jamie Gatfield
Vic Pozzitronic
Dave Culleton
Danie Butcher
The Dust Collectors
Cat Plant
Dan Flinders
Nick Parker
Aimee Wilkinson
All the generous musicians & performers & audience members
Everyone who donated objects of Shame for the raffle

& the sonically-iridescent Thomas Truax.

All that’s left for me to do is update my portfolio page for the Raffle of Shame.

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