The day of COGmachine has dawned…

…and I can’t quite believe it.  I’ve been living COGmachine for 5 months – in an eating, sleeping and dreaming capacity.  I feel exhausted , excited but slightly bereft.  COG has been  a major part of my life for so long, I can’t entirely imagine what it will be like to go back to ‘normal’.  My kitchen and living room can return to being functioning rooms, rather than studio/workrooms and I can start doing things, you know, like for Fun!  It’ll be ace!

Mitzy Valentine modelling a Shameful Elf hat.

Mitzy Valentine modelling a Shameful Elf hat.

Most of my kit is packed up ready to take to Bar One this afternoon to set up.  I’ve just got to finish the banner and iron on some beautiful 3 inch high pink neon letters.

Raffle of Shame banner

Raffle of Shame banner

Working together

There is no way I could have pulled COGmachine together without the help and support from some very key individuals and close friends.  Along the way we’ve had some stellar evenings – planning, plotting and working together to make stuff.  As an artist and writer I generally work alone, I’ve loved having friends round to make badges, measure shame and rubber stamp books.  There’s something very beautiful about sitting together, chatting and making stuff as a unit.



Come on down

I do hope you’ll come down to Bar One tonight to delight and revel in the insane and mischief fuelled programme we’ve got lined up for you.  It promises to be an unforgettable evenings entertainment.  I’ve wrapped up the prize for the best [fancy dress] costume so come dressed to the nines with your dancing shoes.

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