entering the Sonic Asylum

Sonic Asylum

Sonic Asylum

This is a gig I’m doing with BET4 Motion.  The gigs are always really exciting – all the performers are improvising, interacting and collaborating on the hoof.  You never quite know what will happen next.

“The ‘Synaesthesia’ project explores the creative wiring between visual art, contemporary dance, improvised sound, and performance art.” Walt Shaw

We worked together as a group for about 18 months and had a couple of high-profile gigs in 2007.  I’m really looking forward to working with everyone again.

Visual artists: Antoinette Burchill, Kevin Burnley and Paula Whirrity.

Dance: Joanna Geldard.

Sound: M’Alloy, who are – Graham Foster – electronics, Walt Shaw – percussion and objects, Mark Miller – trombone, Alan Jenkins – bass clarinet and saxes, Jonny Marks – voice.

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