The Raffle of Shame

Have you ever been to a community/charity event and felt obliged to purchase a raffle ticket?  Whilst fervently wishing your number/s are not called because all the prizes have clearly been dredged up from the bottom of a fetid, stagnant mill-pond?

Frustrating kitchen implement

Frustrating kitchen implement

If you are unlucky enough to win a ‘prize’, you find yourself slouching across a room packed full of friends/neighbours/colleagues scanning your options, trying to work out which motley treasure will cause you the least personal embarrassment.  Inevitably you’ve missed out on the one bottle of wine and all the almost-out-of-date boxes of chocolates.  All that’s left are the chipped china knick-knacks and assorted scented bathing products of dubious vintage.

Sound familiar?  I thought so.

Welcome to the Raffle of Shame, the live art event at COGmachine that celebrates our dubious cultural tradition of raising money via woebegone and has-been objects.

The Raffle of Shame will be a collection of prizes, that in their former life might have been cool, possibly trendy, or at the very least, objects in which the former owner saw some spark of merit.  Now they are lost, bereft and consigned to the slimy cheese quadrant of the kitsch spectrum.  Many items lurk, half hidden on a shelf or at the back of the wardrobe.  Others are waiting for an epic clear out and a final journey to a charity shop, car boot or municipal tip.  Some have to be kept, out of British politeness because they were a gift from a friend or family member who still visits, occasionally.

Does this also sound familiar?  Don’t worry; help is at hand.

Raffle of Shame 'prize'

Go West, but not quite far enough

Ms. Mischief is offering you the opportunity to redeem these sinful items and give them a bright, happy future – a resurrection via the Raffle of Shame.

Prior to the COGmachine event, Ms. Mischief will be grafting at Misachievement Enterprises to transform the heinous donations into artifacts that are both quirky and desirable.  Every previously shameful object will have a Certificate of Provenance, verifying the life-changing journey it has undergone.

Shameful - discarded with (non-replaceable) dead batteries

Shameful - discarded with (non-replaceable) dead batteries

Realm of Shame

You can see on Flickr that of donations received so far, the level of Shame is running pretty high.

All donors will continue to remain anonymous.  Their offerings will be photographed and posted online.  You’ll have to come along to the event to witness first-hand, how the transformation from hideous monstrosity to urban chic has manifested itself in each object.

Ms. Mischief x

Cushion covers

You are looking at cushion covers. Or fabric, that 10 years ago was purchased with the intent to sew cushion covers. SHAMEFUL.

COGmachine – a fundraiser for Macmillan, an event with live music, live words, live art and sparkly cupcakes.  It will take place from 7.30pm at Bar One in Derby (UK) on 28 May 2010.  Headline acts include Thomas Truax and Mark Gwynne Jones.

Join the COGmachine Facebook event page.

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