Mischievous Trees

A mechanical Spring has arrived exactly on time at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.  Dennis Oppenheim’s ‘Trees (From Alternative Landscape Components 2006)’ are currently blossoming with a multitude of engineered, welded and fused ingredients.

Dennis Oppenheim

Dennis Oppenheim

Dennis Oppenheim

Dennis Oppenheim

Sculpture embedded into the landscape

Set within the classically landscaped  West Bretton park, Oppenheim’s engineered Trees provide a stark, humorous reminder of man’s impact on the environment.  A simultaneously awkward yet compelling collection of large-scale sculptures.  These works demonstrate how high quality Public Art can engage, enthuse and challenge even the most casual passer-by.

Homeward bound

In the 17 years I’ve lived in the East Midlands, YSP has always been an inspiring site to visit.  A place to revisit longstanding favourites including Barbara Hepworth’s Family of Man, Elizabeth Frink’s Running Men and to grimace at the Henry Moore monstrosities.  And a place to see new artists.  This visit provided a portal into the home-spun magical world of Rob Ryan and Ryan Town – unequivocal proof ‘You can still do a lot with a small brain’.   Particularly with an extreme amount of patience, scalpel blades, coloured paper, stories, home truths and lyrical imagery.

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