Writing Industries Conference 2010

I thoroughly enjoyed WIC2010.  Having spent so much time on my own, either staring at a screen or chewing the end of a biro, it was great to spend a whole day with writers talking about writing.  The conference was masterfully programmed to take in just about every aspect of the industry, the vision, breadth and scope was immense.

I was particularly inspired by these speakers and panelists: Graham Joyce, James Walker, Susi O’ Neill, Richard Birkin, Bella Pagan & John Berlyne.

Hagelrat has not only blogged a very fair summary, but also collated other WIC2010 bloggers views too.

It was really interesting to be an outsider, sat on the inside for the day.  I consider that my writing comes from a fine art perspective, rather than a writerly one.  To hear so many attendees so focussed on asking questions about making money from their writing was pretty foreign.  I don’t have a problem with it – the more published writers the better and the more writers making a good living from writing the better.  However, amongst that group there seemed to be a lack of basic understanding about the industry.  I also didn’t hear much about their passion and desire to write and their belief in the stories they wanted to tell.  Hopefully they left the conference with the answers they were looking for.

My highlights were the people I met and the conversations we had.  I caught up with the Writing East Midlands team – Catherine, Antonia and Henderson.  I met the corporeal form (as opposed to the virtual avatars) of Damien Walter from the Literature Network.  I caught Wayne Burrows just as he was packing up and (finally) bought a copy of Staple 71 – The Art Issue.  My ultimate highlight was meeting Kim Lakin-Smith.  I attended her writing workshop at Alt.Fiction in 2008 and the scenarios and questions she posed to us still strongly resonate with me each time I start writing.

I also sat and drank tea with the Hello Hubmariners and caught up with Mark Gwynne Jones.  The last time I had a beer with Mark was at JerryFest last April.  It was great to catch up on his news, his new publishing deal and to ask him about performing at COGmachine in May.  He is the new man from Del Monte because he said Yes!  We now have a headline spoken word act.  You can check out the rest of the line up here.

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