HOPE and The Raffle of Shame

At the end of January, two years ago one of my close friends rang me and said he’d started palliative care and had about 6 months left.  He died 3 months later.  On the one-year anniversary of his death we held a fundraising party for Macmillan. Held at Bar One in Derby, we programmed 2 stages with music, spoken word, poetry, film and dj sets.  Plus an art raffle, cake stall, button badges, Bat the Rat and a Jerry’s jumble stall of books and cd’s.  It was an amazing event and a joyful celebration of Jerry’s life and the legacy of his unbounded enthusiasm and creativity.

We raised £600 in an afternoon.

I’ve just pitched to my previous co-conspirators that I’d really like to do another Macmillan event.  This time I’d also love to do a Raffle of Shame.  A raffle with prizes nobody wants to win.  Shameful prizes.

We’ve arranged a meeting next week to talk it over in more detail.  It looks pretty hopeful.

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